Hello Instructors and Students!

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Temporary Class – Assessments – Quizzes – Tests

During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

We can use this webpage temporary to continue with our training (Class – Assessments – Quizzes – Tests).


  • Maintain daily communication with your teacher.
    • Through the Telephone.
    • Through Email.
    • Through Skype.
  • Study the material assigned by the teacher.
  • Do the assignments, tasks, quizzes, tests.
  • Best way to send the test results to the teacher: Click here to see an example.


  • Mantener la comunicación diaria con su profesor.
    • A través del Teléfono.
    • A través del Email.
    • A través del Skype.
  • Estudiar el material asignado por el profesor.
  • Hacer las asignaciones, tareas, quizzes, tests.
  • Mejor forma de enviar los test result al profesor: Click aqui para ver un ejemplo.

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